Take AIM at Audience Data

Audience Intelligence Monetization (AIM) Process

TrueVoice extracts and segments relevant audience behavior at a depth unparalleled in today’s market by using purpose-built technology and specialized human expertise applied to our AIM process. AIM is a three-phase, continuous-learning process that increasingly builds your organization’s audience intelligence and drives ongoing strategic and tactical decisions in the areas of growth, reputation management and risk mitigation. The AIM process elevates audience data from “nice to know” insights to “need to know” business intelligence and “must do” actions.

TrueVoice translates unstructured audience data into actionable, revenue-driving intelligence for every part of your organization. We combine specialized human-powered expertise with leading data technology to deliver strategic solutions and measurable results focused on driving significant growth, enhancing reputation, and mitigating costly risks.

Human Expertise

Practice area experts elevate data beyond reporting into clear strategic recommendations and action.


View every business decision and investment through the lens of your most important audiences.

Data-Driven Insights

Program with confidence using data-driven insights focused on your business objectives.

Data Monetization

Translate unstructured data into solutions that impact your organization’s bottom line.

Objectivity & Credibility

Measure results based on actual, unsolicited audience behavior.

Continuous Learning

Build dynamic audience data centers that benchmark and measure your audiences over time.

Know Your Audience. Reach Your Audience. Monetize Your Audience.

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