Activating The Power of “I”: iAM Integrated Audience Mapping

HOW we deliver is almost as impressive as WHAT we deliver. Based on a proven behavioral change model, our Integrated Audience Mapping (iAM) Process distills and translates audience behavior from more than 350 million digital, social and search sources into actionable marketing levers to inform winning strategy and increase measurable results.

Designed to optimize your strategy and existing assets.

TrueVoice’s behavioral influence model uses social science to identify and segment behavioral mindsets, define the commonalities – including media, core drivers, language, and motivators – and translate it into an approach to optimizing messaging and imagery, content and communication, product prioritization, and targeting.

Bottom line: A boost in your strategic thinking.

The output is fresh, informed, breakthrough strategies and new data-guided sales and marketing optimization that drive meaningful and measurable results.