“Garbage In, Garbage Out”: Social Data Intelligence Best Practices Just Made a Quantum Leap!

“Garbage In, Garbage Out”: Social Data Intelligence Best Practices Just Made a Quantum Leap!

Companies spend time and money analyzing digital and social so that they can make the best decisions possible. Whether for reputation management, marketing, or research, these better decisions directly result in making more money for their clients, investors, and themselves.

In broad strokes, the data analysis community has approached data one way since the beginning of time: collect it, organize it, then analyze it. And this basic overview still holds. While this approach continues to work for handling many types of data, the same is not true for digital and social media data. Unlike traditional, controlled data, the digital and social media data being collected is raw, unfiltered, and unfortunately is comprised of up to 90 percent noise.* This “garbage in” reality — with no tools capable of extracting the intelligence buried within — has contaminated the analysis and all subsequent plans and actions taken by the companies utilizing it.

(*Yes, this is a very strong statement, and it’s true! After you’ve read through the rest of this post, if you’d like us to show you exactly how we arrived at this fact — and we’ll show you using your own data — we’d be happy to do so. We’ll also show you how all of your social data efforts can be dramatically enhanced by utilizing our social intelligence, vs. the the raw data you’ve been relying on.)

You shouldn’t kick yourself for traveling down this path because until now there was no other way to address social data. We’ve all used the best technology available, despite its inherent deficiencies… But now we have an alternative.

What You’re Doing With Social Intelligence Has Been Best Practice… Until Now

When we meet with new clients, this early-adopter perspective leaves them feeling surprised, confused, and, of course, somewhat skeptical. Each CEO already has a team of the best-of-the-best put to social data… isn’t that enough? The simple answer is no. And that’s because their high-quality team has been working with very low quality data. The result has been “Garbage in, garbage out,” no matter how smart the team analyzing it is.

Of course, every company is already doing “something” about social data, whether that something is helping, hindering, or maintaining status quo. Executives lacking the time to focus on the granular details might assume that it’s working: meetings are being held, reports are being filed, decisions are being made. But just because the cogs of the machine are moving doesn’t mean progress is being made.

The Old Ways Are, Well, Old

It’s an unalterable truth that technology changes over time and adapts, and that’s as true for cloud computing as it is for social data analytics. Surprisingly, as consumer use of social media has exploded, the ability to extract only the relevant real data from the noise of listening platform raw data has remained exactly the same as it was when the first platform launched over a decade ago. We have new insights, new data sources, and new approaches to analysis that simply didn’t exist five years ago… And yet companies are still using these outdated best practices and struggling to assess an ROI.

We’re excited to share that you no longer have to accept outdated best practices as the status quo. Over the last 7 years, we have engineered a new way to capture, filter, analyze, and process raw social data to deliver the insights that you need to deeply understand and connect with your customer base. We’ve replaced the 90-10 noise-to-information ratio of raw listening platform data and noisy analysis with virtually 100 percent clean data deliverable that drives reliable actionable intelligence.

A Quantum Change for the Social Intelligence Landscape

Here’s a look at the new capabilities of social data analytics. Data that is cleaner. Data that goes deeper. Intelligence that takes context, language, and intent into account before it ever hits your senior analyst. Insights that are delivered as true intelligence, rather than raw data your team needs to filter. Now, you are free to investigate and embrace this new resource.

Read more about this new approach to social data intelligence by downloading the comparison grid.

What Does This Advancement Mean For You?

The most important question is not, “How does this new technology work?” but rather, “How can this new proprietary technology and process enable me to make smarter, swifter, more intelligent and more profitable decisions? And, can you definitively show me that you can deliver a clearly differentiated and far superior intelligence product.”

The future of social data intelligence is not fancier charts and “more” data, but rather the utilization of pristine data that drives intelligent analysis, appropriate planning, and successful outcomes. And without real intelligence as a starting point, you simply can’t get to where you want to go.

There’s no bad guy here; social intelligence departments and social listening tools have been working hard to process intelligence since the first social platform was released. But the environment has changed. It’s time to acknowledge that devising strategies based on the analysis of contaminated data is neither prudent nor safe. We now have the ability to move our social intelligence efforts from inherently noisy, misleading, and potentially dangerous data to intelligence derived from virtually 100 percent clean, on target, and reliable data.

Not only can you get the kind of quality data you’ve always sought, but you can do so at a significantly lower cost than your current budget. You could take your current spend and literally double the frequency and depth of your social data in ways that were previously unimaginable; data that you can actually segment by audiences, competitors, and industries for research, planning, and measurement purposes.

Embracing our ability to deliver clients unmatched social data intelligence, which complements not replaces your current resources, exponentially enhances your ability to realize the value of your significant human and financial intelligence investments.