Insight to Action: 4 Tips For Activating Your Social Data Intelligence

Insight to Action: 4 Tips For Activating Your Social Data Intelligence

At TrueVoice, we refer to the important stages of true social data intelligence (as opposed to social monitoring or strategy) as the stages of understanding, visualizing, and activating the intelligence that a company collects through its social and digital platforms. In an effort to help enterprise organizations reach higher levels of context and actionability from their social data intelligence, we’re going to walk through each stage of actionable data and provide insights into how you can use each to dig up deeper, more meaningful insights from the data you already have.

With attention on the growing promise of big data and social data intelligence, leading companies are turning to visualization and collection techniques that can help them make the most of this information. When those techniques and policies are in place, many leaders assume they’ve activated their data. But today we’d like to share some insight into this incorrect assumption, and — most importantly — what you can do to truly activate data that in fact lies dormant.

Are You Really Activating Your Data?

When we say “Activate,” many of our customers think we refer to the process of turning data into infographics. However, that’s not activation. Activating your data does not result in a pile of “nice to know” insights and reports. Those are outputs, not intelligence.

What we mean by “Activate,” is the process of translating transitory raw data into intelligence that can serve as a roadmap for taking tangible and specific action. Turning facts into insight and tapping into the potential of what is possible in the social data analytics landscape. We often refer to this type of intelligence as “rules of engagement” as it provides you with everything you need to guide customer action. Data that you can make real decisions with — not data that presents the data you already have in a different form.

Action Tips for Activating Social Data Intelligence

Truly activated data rests on four vital pillars of social data awareness: purpose, people, platform, and process. By carefully constructing these four areas of support, the data you create will be truly activated to achieve your goals.

1. Zero In On A Purpose
You can’t activate insights without understanding the purpose of those insights. The first step, then, is to identify the questions you wish to answer with your social data and implement a complex social data plan to gather possible answers. Along the way, you can use this system to alert, inform, and protect your brand.

2. Position Your People
As The Harvard Business Review notes, people are an essential element in visualizing and interpreting data. Whatever technology you deploy, you must augment your team with the expertise of credentialed leaders in the field of reputation management, market research, and marketing implementation.

3. Use the Right Filters
With a clear purpose and a strong team behind you, the next step is to deploy the right technology to power your efforts with truly actionable data. Unique and customized filters can help you organize and visualize your data, allowing you to maximize existing investments and activate exhaustive, filtered data sources.

4. Implement a Process
Finally, the best process for your team is one that has been tried and true by years of specialized expertise. The result should be unparalleled service, precise insight, and actionable results that you can repeat over and over again with new data sources.

Evaluating your data is not enough. Visualizing your data is not enough. If you want to tap into the promise of what your company can do with social media — from competitive insights to new products and new audiences — you need to implement all four pieces of the puzzle. Don’t assume that this process is being handled; evaluate your flow of data and the processes, people, platform, and purpose behind your current approach to social data intelligence.

Which of these pillars do you currently deploy in support of your social data? How will you secure the others?