Marketing + Data + Social Science. TrueVoice boasts specialized expertise that has been guiding breakthrough strategic thinking and new behavior-guided solutions for more than a decade.

BROCK PERNICE, Founder and Partner

An early pioneer in social communities, Brock has spent his career working with the world’s top brands, creating value for his clients, partners, and the customers they serve. He has witnessed the exponential growth and influence of these communities – and their migration into the digital space. Brock was among the first to recognize a community’s potential to reveal unprecedented levels of audience intelligence, forever changing the way organizations make decisions.

As founder of TrueVoice, Brock’s role is one of visionary and chief strategist. He focuses the team on delivering measurable, meaningful results for clients by aligning audience insights with business objectives. He knows that technology alone isn’t sufficient to bring about real intelligence – that’s where his instinct for bringing the right people to the table has been invaluable. It’s the combination of technology, talent, and methodology that makes TrueVoice an indispensable partner for its clients.

Prior to founding TrueVoice, Brock conceptualized, built, managed, and sold multiple businesses – and has been through this full cycle with Reader’s Digest and OmnicomGroup. He knows precisely what it takes to succeed at every stage and knows that the right people and relationships make all the difference.

“A solid relationship is a win-win relationship. There’s no greater proof of performance than happy clients.”

KURT GENDEN, Founder and Partner

Part digital anthropologist, part data scientist, part storyteller – Kurt has spent the last decade studying human behavior through social interactions, digital consumption trends, and user sentiment. He focuses on helping Fortune 500 companies accelerate transformation and progress by translating unstructured audience data into actionable insights that drive growth, enhance reputation and mitigate risk.

As founder of TrueVoice, Kurt enables companies to tap into the often-elusive behaviors and sentiments of their wide-ranging audiences through the world’s largest focus group: digital and social media. He’s responsible for establishing and advancing TrueVoice’s methodology to help clients stay at the cutting edge of audience data intelligence, and monetize that understanding. Every day he empowers the C-suite and business-unit leaders with audience insights and recommended actions focused on their most critical objectives and pressing concerns.

Prior to founding TrueVoice, Kurt spent more than two decades as a marketing, corporate communications and public relations strategist, serving in executive roles at global agencies that included Omnicom’s Diversified Agency Services, Interpublic Group and the Daniel J. Edelman Companies. He’s built a career finding the signal in the noise – making data usable, accessible and profitable across a client’s entire enterprise.

“As a marketing specialist for 25+ years, I thought I’d seen it all – but, the insights we still uncover every day are astounding.”

TrueVoice Science Network

The TrueVoice Science Network brings together a global group of leading behavioral and social science academics, thought leaders, and researchers from the fields of psychology, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, demography and human geography. This prestigious group of experts defines the behavior and patterns of active audience narratives and networks, translating them into behavioral based journeys and mindsets that our world-class marketing team leverages for the development of winning optimization strategy.