Make Room for Data

Make Room for Data

We noted with interest the recent appointment of JoAnn Stonier’s to Chief Data Officer at Mastercard. First, we congratulate JoAnn. We also noted that LinkedIn now lists more than 6,700 of some variation of CDO at companies of all sizes, which gives us gratification at TrueVoice that data, and its myriad uses to grow and protect the enterprise, is becoming increasingly important. The C-Suite certainly has a new major player.

Today, very few business decisions, whether in marketing, corporate communications or in risk management, are made without data. As Mastercard pointed out, “data is foundational to everything we do.” It’s central to many other companies, including our clients at TrueVoice. Data can – and should — be transformative.

But, there’s an inherent double-edged sword in relying on data: some companies are working with data that hasn’t been scrubbed or qualified. This is especially true in working with unstructured data: information that comes at a company like a firehose from 350+ million outlets, including social, digital, enterprise, forums, discussion groups and photo/video sites.

Informed Chief Data Officers know that the vast majority of data that surrounds a company is unstructured. And in essence, without the proper cleansing and classification, they’re working with dirty data, which creates murky insights, and muddy strategy and tactics.

At TrueVoice, we’re proud of our 10-year history of helping our clients’ bottom lines by using our technology to structure this unstructured data, stripping away the 90% of noise from sales, promotion, bots and link building to find their TRUE data with real significance. At the same time, our technology Identifies and segments audiences to uncover their TRUE audiences at a depth not yet seen.

Our client CDOs realize that the result of this data and audience technology are insights that they and their peers need but, simply, cannot get anywhere else. We’re elated that the role of Chief Data Officer is growing in both numbers and stature; we are also pleased that companies have taken note that data – not just data for its own sake, but the right data for the right audience — is central to sound strategies and success.