TrueVoice: Risk

TrueVoice monitors the entire universe of digital and social data, and filters and aligns it with each organization’s unique risk framework and language. Our seasoned risk executives provide businesses with the most comprehensive, real-time risk intelligence— empowering you to take action sooner and smarter. Proactively detect and mitigate emerging threats before they become costly crises.

Our team of high-regulation experts sets up multi-level criteria (ie. customized taxonomies) that define and classify adverse risk events in real-time. This criteria, combined with predictive data technology, allows for early detection and response to the escalation of threats.

TrueVoice applies its AIM Process to create sustainable, reliable risk mitigation strategy and plans.

  • Detect threats and act upon them earlier in the “risk timeline”
  • Align qualified audience data with customized risk taxonomies based on the regulatory and non-regulatory risks to the organization
  • Make real-time, relevant risk data accessible and actionable to those who need it


Operational Risk

Compliance Fraud

Legal Action

Identification Advocacy/Watchdog Groups


Government & Legislation

Below is a sample of the customized products that TrueVoice provides for risk professionals:

• Risk Map: Unstructured audience data is filtered, tagged and translated into a comprehensive map of your organization’s risk landscape, structured by product, business unit, channel, customer type, and other relevant dimensions.

• Mitigation Plan: Using the Risk Map as the foundation, the Mitigation Plan combines key risk indicators (KRI) with action plans to help identify emerging threats, track and measure relative risk exposures, and prepare your organization to react to those that pose the greatest risk.

• KRI Monitoring Report: The KRI Monitoring Report provides regular feedback to your organization based on a set of Key Risk Indicators and associated tolerance levels established in the Mitigation Plan, highlighting areas of improvement and weakness.

• Risk Alert Notification & Escalation:This timely detection system escalates and alerts the appropriate individuals, through a variety of communication platforms, instantly when any threat arises that falls under acceptable tolerance levels.

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