The Sprawling Social Data Intelligence Landscape in 2015

The Sprawling Social Data Intelligence Landscape in 2015

Welcome to 2015, the year of… actionable social data intelligence! We’re ready to post our first blog post because there’s so much heavy press within our industry that it’s too big a deal to keep under wraps.

What follows are a few fantastic posts we recommend you catch up on, as well as a quick overview of how the industry is responding to these changes.

The icing on the cake? How TrueVoice clients have been capitalizing on this shift and using real-time social data intelligence to capture leads and convert customers!

What Is Social Data Intelligence? Why Is It Taking Off?

We could literally list 100s of links that speak to the value of social data intelligence and how businesses are tapping into this resource to drive better decisions and higher performance. But you don’t have that kind of time (and maybe you don’t care to get a doctorate in social data intelligence!). As far as we’re concerned, here are four must-reads about the state of the industry as it stands now:

  1. CIO Identifies the Challenge Facing Companies That Want Actionable Social Media Data
    Social monitoring has been around for almost a decade, yet companies still struggle to demonstrate the value of monitoring it. In its recent article “Why Social Listening Platforms Are Failing,” CIO outlines the challenges that companies face when they want actionable social media data but aren’t sure about their current process.
  2. Harvard Business Review Reprimands Clumsy Data
    In “Stop Making Excuses for Your Flawed Data,” the Harvard Business Review makes a case for taking responsibility for your data sources, quality, and applications. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves than when author Thomas C. Redman writes “It’s particularly disheartening when a big data analysis yields a stunning new insight. But the big data team spent 90% of its time cleaning up the data. You know they did the best they could, but you’re uncertain they got enough of the errors. Can’t trust the data, can’t trust the analysis, can’t trust the insight!”
  3. Smart Data Collective Warns Against Stopping At Visualization
    “Buyers Beware: Data Visualization Is Not Data Analytics” is Smart Data Collective’s timely warning against the dangers of pretty graphics. Without the analysis piece, visualization is just a fancy infographic that can’t make hard decisions for you. What companies need to look for is a way to create visualizations that actually mean something and that can actually help you make insightful decisions.
  4. Wired Points to the Rise of Real-Time Data
    Finally, Wired sums it all up with its editorial “Beyond Big Data: Prepare for Real-Time Insights.” The article ties big data technologies to helping companies uncover new product development and monetization opportunities. It also unveils some great insights into the future of big data and social analytics: real-time analytics that help marketing departments react and act more aggressively when pursuing new campaigns and new customers.

How Are Companies Handling This Surge?

The news just responds to what businesses are doing, so it’s important to look past that initial layer and see what key players are up to. Here’s what we’ve noticed as far as how businesses are folding these insights into their processes:

  • Visa Uses Social Data Intelligence for Brand Application. 
    In a recent video, Visa’s Jessica Williams explains how the company uses social data intelligence to empower business leaders with data at every stage of the marketing process. Social data intelligence provides Visa with a low cost, quick, real-time data flow of unsolicited data that is global, sampled at point of experience, and less vendor dependent. The result is data perfect for strategy planning, MSF’s, and creative briefs to hone in on marketing objectives and audience, optimize efforts during execution, and measure and evaluate data post-campaign.
  • Burson-Martseller Shows Us the Possibilities for Social Data Intelligence Agency Application.
    Burson-Martseller’s recent Data-Driven Content System launch for agency application is a sure sign that social analytics and intelligence are becoming mainstream must-haves for enterprise businesses. It’s only available in three cities for now — New York, Chicago, and Washington– but it’s sure to expand by the end of the year. This development clearly supports the broader adoption of social data intelligence and credentials both our key sales audiences.
  • TrueVoice: Our Experience & Observations.
    Our Fortune 100 clients, which include Humana, TIAA-CREF and Johnson Controls, are at the forefront of their respective industries leveraging social data insights to accelerate digital transformation for greater efficiency and performance. TrueVoice operates as a seamless extension of the digital marketing and social media teams to provide these companies with an unprecedented amount of business intelligence and audience insights that guides planning, activation and measurement initiatives at the enterprise level and for individual lines of business.

And that brings us to how TrueVoice fits into this environment. We’re jumping in headfirst to help businesses organize their social data recovery systems in a way that is comprehensive and accurate and then helping them to analyze and visualize that clean data in a way that lets every level of an organization align itself with the business’s most basic marketing and business development goals. This insight takes tangible form in the following products:

  • Dynamic centers of intelligence for social analytics
  • Actionable, real-time marketing research
  • In-depth competitor segmentation
  • Content and SEO planners
  • Rapid response intelligence services, and more.

We couldn’t be more excited for companies to reach this important juncture where the demand for quality intelligence rises…And we’re here to meet it. We’ve invested the last 7 years in developing the right system of people, processes, purpose, and platforms to take social data intelligence into this actionable space, and we’re well-positioned to help the marketplace realize that goal.

As a special thank you to those who have rooted for us from the beginning, we’ve got a lot planned out for you this year. We can’t wait to earn our keep as your go-to resource for social data intelligence, data analytics, and enterprise business solutions at the point where social data and your business meet.